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Thank you for your original consultation last year regarding my knee, when you suspected I had a torn ACL. This was confirmed with an MRI last year and I am currently laid up at home having had my ACL reconstructed and meniscus repaired in surgery last week.

If it had not been for your advice then I would still be struggling on with a torn ACL and generally restricted knee. This would surely have given me a lot of trouble later on in life and stopped me being active, which I value very highly.

So, again, massive thanks and keep up the good work.


Medical Team at the Euros

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The England Touch Association medical team were all ready for the European championships; consumables were ordered, equipment had been shipped, the protocols had been printed and waterproofs had been packed, however a monsoon was not something that had been factored into the equation! Despite this the team remained pitchside during the downpours that occurred in the early days of the competition, to ensure that all ETA squad members had full medical cover, despite them getting a bit damp!

All medical team members volunteered to be part of the ETA medical team alongside their full time jobs for several reasons; some to gain experience working with a large squad, some to meet new people and some to learn new skills, but all had one goal, to have fun whilst helping the England team to be as successful as possible!

The competition went as well as can be expected with a significantly less number of injuries than occurred in the world cup. This was in part due to prehabilitation programmes and conditioning videos produced by the team and made available to the squad members to utilise in their training. The use of K tape was increased from previous competitions and it was nice to see so many players being open minded in their choice of K tape colour!

The days were long for the team, with early starts and late finishes; however the camaraderie with the medical team made it much more bearable!

The feeling within medical team was that of a real supportive England squad with the medical squad incorporated into the team. I believe that this was due to the appointment of a head of medical services who was visible from the beginning of the season, and opportunities for the medical team to be introduced to the squad and a named medical team member for each team. It is believed that consistency with the medical team would also continue to improve the medical team for the future. In addition this will enable data collected from the Euros and from questionnaires sent to the players prior to the competition to be utilised by the team to develop protocols and rehabilitation programmes to help to reduce injury with the squad.

The medical team would like to thank the players for their support and feedback during the last season. We are keen to continue with the planning ready for next year’s home nation’s competition and hope to see you all in the NTS and nationals competition prior to that. Finally we would like to thank Cari for her supportive management of the team.

Source: England Touch

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