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Thank you for your original consultation last year regarding my knee, when you suspected I had a torn ACL. This was confirmed with an MRI last year and I am currently laid up at home having had my ACL reconstructed and meniscus repaired in surgery last week.

If it had not been for your advice then I would still be struggling on with a torn ACL and generally restricted knee. This would surely have given me a lot of trouble later on in life and stopped me being active, which I value very highly.

So, again, massive thanks and keep up the good work.


PJE Physiotherapy & Cook Islands Rugby League Team.

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November 2013 proved to be the highlight of what has been a busy year for PJE Physiotherapy. Working within sport and especially sports physiotherapy is demanding but can be rewarding too.

As many of you would have been aware, England hosted the recent Rugby League World Cup and it so happened that Bristol was the base for the Cook Islands Team. PJE Physiotherapy was lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with the team during the World Cup, and it was a pleasure to help.

A moment which will live long in my memory, was when I was privileged enough to join the team for their final evening meal before their first game. Listening to the blessing, the motivational speech, and watching the handing out of the player’s shirts is something not many people would get to see and something I wont forget.

Cheers Guys.

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