Latest Testimonials

Fearing I would miss a major rugby tournament due to injury a friend recommended that I go and see if Peter could help.

From the outset I received a first rate friendly service with an immediate diagnosis, and a treatment plan specifically tailored to getting me back on the pitch ASAP.

I was really impressed that Peter seems to go the extra mile to cater for his clients and takes the time to explain the science of the injury and discuss cure and prevention as well as simple treatment. I also received an excellent follow up service including an exercise plan and a genuine interest in my progress which achieved the results I wanted.

I would thoroughly recommend Peter for his professional yet friendly approach.



£40 First Consultation (45mins)

£35 Follow up Consultations (30mins)

We ask for payment at the time of each session of treatment. We accept payment by debit or credit card and have the facility to accept cash. PJE Physiotherapy does not accept American Express, Diners Club Cards or cheques.

Please note PJE Physiotherapy requires at least 24 hours notice should you need to cancel an appointment. You will be charged for the missed appointment and there are no exceptions to the cancellation policy. 

Health Insurance

Some health insurance companies will be happy for you to see the physiotherapist independently, without any referral from the GP. However if you are unsure whether your insurance company will cover your treatment you must contact them directly. It is in your own interest to seek authorisation before treatment.

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