Latest Testimonials

Thank you for your original consultation last year regarding my knee, when you suspected I had a torn ACL. This was confirmed with an MRI last year and I am currently laid up at home having had my ACL reconstructed and meniscus repaired in surgery last week.

If it had not been for your advice then I would still be struggling on with a torn ACL and generally restricted knee. This would surely have given me a lot of trouble later on in life and stopped me being active, which I value very highly.

So, again, massive thanks and keep up the good work.


HCPC Registered

PJE Physiotherapy is registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) in order to practice physiotherapy in the UK.

The Health and Care Professions Council is an independent statutory regulatory body that has been set up to regulate health professionals established by the Health and Social Work Professions Order 2001.

The HCPC regulates 16 health and care professions: arts therapists, biomedical scientists, chiropodists / podiatrists, clinical scientists, dietitians, hearing aid dispensers, occupational therapists, operating department practitioners, orthoptists, paramedics, physiotherapists, practitioner psychologists, prosthetists / orthotists, radiographers, social workers in England and speech and language therapists.

Its role is to safeguard the health and well-being of the public using the services of the professions it regulates. It is responsible for setting and maintaining standards of professional training, performance and conduct. The HCPC will also ensure that registration of professionals is linked to continuing professional development.


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